From Cradle Mountain National Park to Burnie

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 12th February, 2012

Under the blue sky I made a walk to the Dove Lake. Then I bid farewell to the Cradle Mountain National Park and drove northwards. The drive went over the country and a saw some farms. They are about to harvest the potatoes. I Stanley I stopped to go up to the Nut. The Nut is a 143 m high rock where you may walk. With a chairlift it goes steeply up. And while walking at the top I could enjoy the great view. As it was not very late yet, I decided to drive further along the north coast. I stopped a Sister Beach. I enjoyed a bit this beautiful beach, but to take a bath it is too cold for me, even as I changed today the from long trousers to she short ones. My destination today was Burnie. I did not go for sightseeing as it was already late afternoon. I went a bit to the beach to enjoy the sun before the clouds came out again.