The deep gorges of the Karijini National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 22nd March, 2012

After getting up we heard again a few parrot chicks. Sandra also saw ibises and thus we went to look for the birds to take pictures. After we went to the Visitor Center of the Karijini National Park. There we informed us about the road situation. The gravel roads are open again since some quite a time. In this National Park you first see red rocks which are partially covered with green. In the Park we found a few yellow and violet flowers, but for the wild flowers we are too early. To sea the real beauty of the park we drove to the the Joffre Falls. We enjoyed the view to the falls from above and then started the hike downwards. On the half way I left my hiking sticks at a rock as we now had to climb. During the hike we saw from time to time lizards, red and blue dragonflies, a milliped, many birds, frogs and ants. A lizard and a bird made me stop as I thought it could be a snake. Down at the river bed we had to go a few meters through water reaching the thighs. Our pants got wet and Sandra had to care that her mobile phone did not start to swim. But here you could see the real hight of the falls. The way back made us transpire. Back at the camper we drove to Knox Lookout. Here we had an extreme wide view over the National Park and its deep gorges. At the Junction Pool and at Oxer Lookout we could maze over very deep gorges. Our last lookout for today was (Mount Bruce). Here we could see the two highest points of Western Australia. Then we drove to the Dales Camping to spend a night in the wild nature. We failed in starting the grill of camping and the grill of the camper. So we only had salad and cold chicken. But we could enjoy the sunset and stayed outside until it got dark.