Great Ocean Road, 2nd part and Grampians National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 27th January, 2012

When preparing breakfast we realized that the lactose free milk of Petra in reality is cream. After the breakfast we continued the Great Ocean Road. We visited the natural rock bridges Arch, London Bridge and Grotto. We made a few photo stops until Warrnambool and enjoyed the last views to the coast. In Warrnambool we bought SIM cards for the mobile phone and Internet. Then we crossed the country towards the Grampians National Park. It was interesting how dry the country is and there is still livestock. We knew that the National Park is not far as suddenly two forest covered peaks appeared. Inside the park we had first to drive about 50 km straight, sometimes up and sometimes down. Then we made an stop for the Silverband Falls. We had to walk for a kilometer to the fall. A flood two years ago left remarkable marks, there was much wood lying around the river bed. Suddenly I saw a kangaroo drinking water. It was not shy and I could take my first kangaroo picture. During my last stay in Australia I never saw one so close. The fall itself was very nice and the walk was worth it. On the way back the kangaroo was still near the river. Now we drove to Halls Gap, where we stayed over night. From our window we could observe parrots. We closed the evening with a small walk. A hint from the hostel staff led us to a nearby sports ground were many kangaroos were grazing. They did not show fear from humans and we could take pictures from very close.