Stirling Range National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Good Friday 6th April, 2012

In the morning we started to drive to Esperance. First we passed the Stirling Range National Park and stopped at the Bluff Knoll Lookout. There would be a hike to the mountain. We did not hike as the weather was unsure and cold. After we slowly required to refuel. The 3 first petrol stations were closed, it was Good Friday. In Jemarrungup we were lucky and the petrol station was open and it was very busy. We continued with a full tank as we had 300 km to go. To move a bit our legs we made a break in Ravensthorpe. On the last part we saw wide areas with grazing cows or sheeps. Shortly after 4pm we arrived in Esperance and went immediately to the camping. They told us they were booked out, but explained were we could find a site. In Esperance there is a camping which is only used when all others are full. We were lucky and found a place there. I enjoyed the last warm sunbeams as the wind was chilly. In the evening we realized that you can have a fine raclette with Australian cheese.