Good bye Australia

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 19th June, 2012

In the morning we first cleaned our camper. After we started to drive towards Darwin. We wanted to go to several Billabongs, but unfortunately the hiking tracks were closed. At Fogg Dam we had more luck and made two walks through the Nature Reserve. We got accompanied by some butterflies and birds. After we ate our last food Konrad wanted to cross the dam to a bird observation tower. It was noon and I thought this is a bad idea as it was very hot in the sun. We then crossed the dam with the camper and saw, that it was closed for walking due to crocodiles. But we still managed to enjoy the many water birds from the observation platform. In Darwin we went back to Apollo to ask where there is a car wash nearby. They explained us we only need to wash it if it is very dirty. As this was not the case, everything went very fast. A kind taxi driver drove us to the airport. At 35 °C we entered the airplane and at cool 4 °C we left it in Melbourne. We booked in the same motel when we arrived and thus we fast were again in the warm.