Private pool in the Karijini National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 23th March, 2012

I was awake already at sunrise. I went outside, observed a small rainbow and enjoyed the sunrise. Sandra got awake a little bit later and thus we started early today. We hiked to the Fortescue Falls which is a bit smaller that the one yesterday. But we could climb the rocks at the sides and thus could enjoy from all sides. Then we walked on a venture along a unsigned path. It proved to be right path. We ended up at the Fern Pool, a small pool with a waterfall. We enjoyed a refreshing morning bath and swam a bit. There was a sound I did not recognise. When I saw the bats in the tree I knew the source of it. Back at the start we walked to two lookouts. On the way we often saw grasshoppers flying away. Our destination we reach after a bit more than 30 minutes. From the Cirular Pool Lookout you can see another pool deep in the gorge where already a few people were swimming. We went back on the same way, but it was a bit faster as we had less picture stops. That was our last hike in the National Park and we decided to drive to the south.

The lunch break and refuelling stop was at a road house. Here it was very busy and we a few road trains (trucks with several trailers). During our 600 km long drive we saw a few animals crossing the road. First a dingo, then two big lizards and some cattle. From time to time we met an oversize truck with different load, from big tires to houses. The further we got the more pools where a the side of the road. At one spot we could not help but had to stop to take a picture of them. A bit after 5pm we reached Meekatharra where we found a place on the camping to stay overnight. In the evening it got cool fast and we were glad about a jacket. Now the temperatures got more pleasant and in the morning and in the evening it is already getting cool.