The north coast

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 13th February, 2012

After a short walk at the beach I visited a special market hall where they showed and sold artisanry. You could see different handmade papers, jewellery made of glass and sea shells, clothes and cheese. I looked a bit around and informed me where to go on. My trip led to Penguin. There is a very big figure of Pingu and everything in the village is about penguins. On some beaches at the east coast live little penguins, they are also at home on Philipp Island. After I went on to the harbour town Devonport. As all remarkable is along the beach, I walked along the beach promenade. I was a bit disappointed, then except of the harbour there is not much here. The ferries from Melbourne land here, but that will be in the evening. As it was only noon, I decided to drive on. Over the countryside I could drive with 110 km/h and reached soon Launceston. Here I was looking for accommodation and was walking a bit through the town. The evening I enjoyed in the vis-à-vis park.