by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 14th February, 2012

A sunny day is awaiting me, thus I decided to explore the surroundings. Launceston is at Tamar River and is the oldest town of Tasmania. First I walked along the other part of the town, as I wanted to go to the Cataract Gorge Reserve. It is a nature reserve around laid a gorge. I walked along the gorge to the First Basin. At the small artificial lake a chairlift goes over the gorge. I preferred to walk around the lake. I saw two wallabies at the path passing the chairlift. I was very astonished that there wallabies also here. One was not shy at all and came very close to me. At the way back I sa in the park of the restaurant a few peacocks with their chicks. Back in the town I walked thorough the reserve an enjoyed a bit the nature. Then I walked along the river to the town. There I marvelled at the many Victorian houses of Launceston. My way lead to Prince's Square which contains a small park. In the City Park I discovered a monkey cage. The rest of the afternoon I was reading in the City Park and enjoying the sun.