Kalbarri National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 25th March 2012

The alarm clock did not yet get of as early as today. It should ring on 5:45, but I realized it only on 6 o'clock. We hoped to see the sun through the Nature's Window. Unfortunately this did not happen until 8 am, so we went to the Z Bend viewpoint. On our morning drive through the national park we saw an emu and kangaroos. At the Z Bend we enjoyed the view over the gorge of the Murchison River, the biggest river of the region. To move a bit we walked and climbed down to the river. The way is 2.6 km long and very step and demanding. But it was worth it. The only thing disturbing are the flies. Next we drove to the Nature's Window. We realized that the sun is already too high. I looked at the path leading to the ridge. It looked difficult and we decided not to hike here. Then we left the park and returned into it a few kilometer in the north. We stopped at the viewpoint at Hawk's Head, but it was only a not so spectacular view to the river. Thus we drove further to the Ross Graham Lookout. Here we saw the river and the width of the park. We hiked down to the river and enjoyed the different colors of the rocks. To recover from the heat we went back to Kalbarri. On the way we made a short stop at the Meanarra Hill Lookout and joyed the endless vastness of Australia. On one side we could only see the national park, on the other we saw Murchison River flowing into the sea.

The afternoon we slept and recovered from the last days. As the temperature got a bit more bearable we walked along the river shore to Chinamans Rock. From here we could see the river hitting the sea. It happens that waves from both sides met each other. We looked at the sunset, but it was Unfortunately behind the clouds. As it was Sunday, we enjoyed the dinner with wine.