At the end of the world

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 8th February, 2012

Now starts my journey around Tasmania. In the morning at the car rental office they told me that they currently do not have a car in the category I booked. I could choose between a bigger one (a minivan) or a smaller one. I originally wanted to rent a smaller one, but they said that the smaller ones are all with manual gearshift and I wanted an automatic one. But this information turned out to be wrong, so I got a smaller car with automatic gearshift. After buying food for a week I started toward the west coast. Of my drive toward Strahan I can only say: Tasmania has a lot of water and hills which change over to mountains. The road is like a pass road in Switzerland and I felt like I am arriving at the end of the world. Most of the 320km I drove today as in different National Parks. In Hobart I bought a pass for them as here I have to pay for every day in an National Park. The first real stop I made at Lake St. Clair. I made a short walk, but I nearly could not see upon the lake. When driving further, I saw several echindas. They were walking fast. One of them just crossed the road in front of me and fetched the camera, but until I was ready it was already on the other side and curled up. Next stop was Nelson Fall. A short walk led to it. After I continued with a few picture stops until Strahan. That is the only harbour at the west coast.