Yellow Water Tour

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 18th June, 2012

Today we got up a bit before 6am as we made a boat trip on the Yellow Water. Shortly after the start the welcomed the sun and could see how the nature was slowly getting awake. We saw countless birds and could watch their morning activities. Our guide told us that we may not see crocodiles. The cool temperature makes them stay in the water and so they are difficult to see. But we were lucky and saw five crocodiles. A big male was laying already at the shore and warmed himself up. Our guide could even point out three tree snakes which were very difficult to see. It was a very beautiful morning tour and we enjoyed the area. After a big breakfast at the lodge we drove to the Warradjan Aborginal Culture Center. Here we could read a lot over the Aborginals and learn how their life is looking like. After we drove to the Old Jim Jim Road, a 100 km long gravel road. We were driving towards Darwin as we encountered a big puddle. Due to the dirty water we could not see how deep it was. I did not feel well about it, then I did not like to get stuck here and to wait until maybe another car passes. We could not walk into it to check the depth (crocodiles?). So we turned and made a detour of 100 km on the highway to Bark Hut. There we stayed overnight. Twice we drove through thick smoke, also here the underwood got burnt down. At one fire there were many birds on the road. This morning we learned that they follow the fire to hunt escaping animals. At Bark Hut we got the hint to make a short walk to see a nice sunset. So we enjoyed our last sunset at the Top End.