In the Middle Kingdom

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 22nd June, 2012

This morning we did not have more time to further explore Hong Kong. We went to the escalators to get to the train station. On the airport we had more time than expected as our flight was late. After a very shaky flight we got to Shanghai. To enter we required a visa which we issued in Sydney. Caren and her boys were already awaiting us. As Caren spotted us, she came towards us. In front of her was man which started to talk in German to us. We were so perplex that we did not even answer. As Caren then look at him inquiring, he realized immediately that we did not wave him. Caren lives in Kunshan. This city is about one hour outside of Shanghai. In the car I thought “something is wrong”. I soon realized that in China they are driving right. From Australia I am still used to driving left. We saw people which were hitch-hiking on the motor way, some were also selling food. In the city itself there some motorcycles, but the drivers do not seam to need helmets. Caren book a hotel for us and brought us there. After check-in we went to dinner with her family. She told us that it will be simple. But our menu was much more. There was freshly pressed apple juice, soup, a plate with prawns, salad, meat to choose and pudding with tea. Not really simple food.