From Litchfield National Park back to Kakadu National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 16th June, 2012

We made our first stop in Batchelor to shop. We could not send the postcards as the post office is only open in the afternoon. We continued to Hayes Creek. Here we got rid of the postcards and strolled through the small market. There were a few stands were everything from honey to clothes was sold. In Pine Creek we made a refuel stop. After we went without further stop back to the Kakadu National Park. 35 km of gravel road and two places with water we had to pass to get to the camping site of Gunlom. Arrived there we explored a bit the area. We wanted to do a small hike to the river, but there was too much water on the path and we were only allowed to walk to a billabong. Back a the site we went to the falls. In the pool below a few people were swimming, even if the risk of saltwater crocodiles was not eliminated. A warning sign state also that here live freshwater crocodiles. But these are not dangerous for humans. We decided first to hike up to the plateau at the top of the falls. After a steep climb a nice pool and a wonderful view over the Kakadu National Park welcomed us. I jumped into the water as it was quite warm. Later Konrad also followed. At the water we could also watch how small frogs were playing. With still wet clothes we descended. After we walked again to the waterhole in the hope to see wallabies there. Unfortunately we did not meet any.