The white swans of Northam

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 11th April, 2012

Our morning started wet. Dominik was taking a shower and I was in the kitchen of the camping site as the turf irrigation started. Cool, our camper was fully in the firing line of the water and the inside got a bit wet. So we preferred to pack and leave. We had our breakfast in the park of Northam. Then we went to the tourist information and asked where the allegedly longest suspension bridge of Australia is. We saw it already when arriving. On the suspension bridge we started our walk along the Avon River. Here is a colony of white swans. This is normal for Europeans, but not for Australians as here the swans are usually black. The white swans were brought by European settlers and are now an attraction here. After lunch Dominik drove me back to the airport of Perth. Dominik will continue travelling the west while I am flying to Sydney to see again Konrad. Five weeks of separation is definitively too long.