Going southwards

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 2nd April, 2012

After the final common breakfast Sandra accompanied us to Auto Barn. Here Dominik rented the a camper. The instructions were much extensive and kinder than with Apollo. After we drove to the hostel to get our luggage. So we could start towards the south. First we drove to Rockingham. Here it rained so we just went shopping and continued. In Mandurah we went to the tourist information to learn what we could visit. There was nothing we found interest in so we continued driving. At Lake Clifton we stopped to see the thrombolites. This are algae and bacterias which grow together a kind of rock (living rocks). Unfortunately it started also to rain and so we fast returned to the camper. Then we followed a scenic road to Bunbury and looked there for a camping. As it was only before 5pm we walked a bit along the beach and did some sightseeing in the town. We hope that we weather will improve and that it will not rain all the time.