Fishes nibble at the Ningaloo Reef

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 18th March, 2012

Already shortly after 8am we went with snorkel, diving mask and flippers into the sea. In Coral Bay the Ningaloo Reef is sometimes less than 500 m away from the beach. We saw many fishes, small and big ones, more and less colourful ones. After 45 minutes we made a rest as we got a bit cool. After we warmed up in the sun, we went out to the another time and observed the corals and the fishes. We lost the feeling for time as soon as we were in the water and stayed again until we got cool. We warmed us up again on the beach. We were already a bit tired, but still we wanted to do another short swim. That time we did not get that far and already saw the corals and the fishes. At one moment Sandra waved me as she found many different fishes. Funny was that we could watch them nibbling the corals. In the water this sounded like a file drawn over wood. Sometimes it sounded like someone is cutting his toe nails. I started again freezing and left the water. Sandra stayed for another while, but after it was enough for today and we returned the rented material. After a last view to the beach of Coral Bay we continued driving.

After a few kilometers we saw again many termite mounds. We drove about 100 km until there was no termite mound to see anymore. After 70 km there was a sign pointing to a termite mound. We think that must be Australian humour as they were all over since a while. Arrived in Exmouth we looked again for a camping and, already quite tired, spent there the rest of the day there.