A happy end at last

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 13th March, 2012

A bit before 7am we got up and made us ready as we should soon be picked up. We waited until 8pm and nothing happened. Sandra called again Apollo and nothing was organised yet. After a few more calls the Roadside Assistance was here again and brought us to he garage. After an hour sitting there we learnt that we could not continue with this camper. So the next odyssey with Apollo started. To pass the time we visited David of the Roadside Assistance and sat about three hours in his office. We learnt that he not only organises tows. On the carpark there are stolen cars which were inspected by a police officer. We experienced a young annoyed lady which had to pay a lot to get her car back. The reason for the withdrawal was that someone else was driving with her licence and her car. This had caused 28 days without car and a fee for the “parking”. The original plan of Apollo was that we should exchange the car in the evening at the garage. But this met David's opposition as it can get dangerous in the industrial area after the business hours. So David negotiated with Apollo that we are brought back to the camping and will do the exchange there. Apollo paid us the taxi to the town and so we visited the HMAS Sydney Memorial. The warship left Geraldton before it was sank by a German warship. 625 men had died and that many steel seagulls form a hemisphere. Another woman figure looking at the sea and waiting for the husband is also part of the memorial. Then Apollo was calling and told us that the driver would be a bit later and we got now a camper for 4 persons. Then the driver called and said that he will arrive at about 10:30pm. We were not very fond as we wanted to get up early the next morning. As we had more time we stayed in the town for dinner. As soon as we were back at the camping, the driver called and told us that he is at the entrance. So we had to pack fast and move our stuff. The new one is the same model as the old one. Tomorrow we will have a close look and document everything ss we did not have a proper handover.