Botanic Garden

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 8th March, 2012

Together with Sandra, she joins my trip the next few weeks, I went to another city sightseeing. First we went to London Court, a lane build in English style. At both ends there are iron gratings which were lifted during the day. On one gate the figures of a knight and a dragon should move every quarter of an hour. Unfortunately it seams not to work anymore as we did not see the fight. Then we walked along the different old houses which I visited already before. Our destination was the Kings Park and the Botanic Garden. Here we looked at the great view over Perth and visited an aborigines gallery. We got some information about the park we went to the Botanic Garden and watched different trees and flowers. In springtime it must be even nicer here. In between we stopped at a shadowy place as also today the sky was bright and blue. While walking we saw colourful parrots and a few other birds. Our path went over a glass bridge from where we could watch down to the park at the left and at the right side. At the Jacob's Ladder we went 300 steps downstairs towards Swan River. Along Swan River we walked to the Bell Tower and enjoyed a break nearby in the shadow. After we went on the free bus and looked if there is something we may visit. We took the blue line, but here we did see already everything and thus we went back to the hostel.