Slaloming to Coles Bay

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 18th February, 2012

Also today there were dark clouds in the sky when I started. The first stop I made in Scamander and walked along the beach. It started dripping, but did not start to rain. Then I drove over the Marys Pass at Mount Elephant. After the pass there is a restaurant which allegedly prepares the best pancakes of Tasmania. So I had to try them. It is very sympathetically that they also offer gluten free pancakes. I enjoyed my lunch here. Then I drove to Bicheno. Here there are blowholes, but unfortunately it was low tide. I looked around the rocks and went on. The destination of today came closer: Coles Bay. Yesterday I learnt that there is the Coles Bay triathlon today. The closer I got to the village, the more cyclist there were. When overtaking I had to pay attention to the cyclists ahead and the cars and cyclists coming from the opposite direction. With slow speed I slalomed into Coles Bay. As the weather looked better now, I decided to go to the Freycinet National Park. I walked to the lookout platform where could view over the Wineglass Bay. There was a path leading to the beach. As it was only 2pm I hiked down to the beach. It is interesting how turquoise the sea is also here. In the area are big, round rocks. It looks like giants have been playing marble. On the way I met two wallabies. One nearly touched me. Back from my strength and endurance training, it went up over nearly only over natural steps, I did not want yet to go back to the accommodation. So I visited the Honeymoon Bay and the Sleepy Bay. These beaches are small and sweet.