St. Helens and area

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 17th February, 2012

Dark clouds covered the sky as I drove to the end of the Bay of Fires. It started to rain when I reach Binalong Bay. I still walked along the beach. As I reached the end, the rain got stronger. I got soaking wet until I reached the car. I went back to the motel. But of course as I reached it the rain stopped. With fresh and dry clothes I make did a short sightseeing in St. Helens. This village is not really big. As I was still dry, I drove to St. Helens Point. It is the outermost point of St. Helens. But the rain started again and it did not want to improve. So I just made a picture and went back as I did not want to get soaking wet again. As the weather than improved again, I walked along the shore at Georges Bay. I was observing sea birds as suddenly two giant birds approached. As they got closer, I realized they were pelicans. At 4 pm it started raining again. At the reception I got the key for the swimming pool and swam a few rounds.