Night tour in Cradle Mountain

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 10th February 2012, evening

Short after twilight I was picked up by the tour bus. There were only few people taking part on that night tour. There were big spotlights on the bus. I learned that on Tasmania there are different species of Wallabies, the smallest is called pademelons and is not bigger than a hare. We saw a some Wallabies during the ride. I knew already that there are many wombats here. A few of these bundles of joy we met. There was even a mom with its child in the pouch. The cub nearly touched the floor when she was walking. I learned that wombats may run 100m in 10s. I cannot think how this works. But they must be that fast as they have to be faster than the tasmanian devil. He loves wombats for dinner. We crossed also two possums. You see them rarely and if, them mostly overrun on the road. After 1.5 hours ended the interesting tour.