Going to Tasmania

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 5th February 2012

We had to get up early as tour flights were at around 8am. As morning walk we brought our baggage to the check-in counter. Here we were surprised as it should be 4kg heavier than before the flight to Australia. I do not think that there was more baggage as I already then did nearly not have enough space. After the last breakfast together we went to the gate. I accompanied Konrad to his flight after his hand luggage was checked for traces of explosives. Now it is definitive: Konrad flew to Sydney to work and I flew to Tasmania. I had a special experience when I arrived in Tasmania. There was no customs. Instead there was a dog which sniffed at my hand luggage and walking on the baggage band my backpack. Nobody should bring fruits, vegetables or flowers to the island. Then I went with the bus into the city to get to my accommodation. As it was before noon, it was not yet possible. They were so kind that I at least could leave my baggage there. First I went to the tourist information to check out what I can see here. In Hobart there is a tourist bus and I bought a 3-day pass for it. After a short trip with the bus I first checked in to my room. There are two others in my room which are travelling with a guided tour. They are from Ticino and Germany. As they told about their trip, I was glad to be on road by myself. So I can stay at the nice places and enjoy the time as I like. The disadvantage is that I surely meet less people. After I went into town again. Now it started to rain. I had a umbrella and was hoping it will get better. Towards the evening I walked to the harbour and visited the Salamanca Market. There is a big flea market every Saturday. After a short walk I went back to the hostel.