Melbourne 2nd day

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 4th February, 2012

After we packed everything in the backpack, we visited the rest of Melbourne. We passed the library and went to see China town. Next stop was St. Patricks Cathedral, the catholic one. We enjoyed the chill in Lord's house, as it was warm outside and already in the morning the sun was burning on the skin. On the way to the aquarium we saw here and there a wedding and our one returned to mind. In the aquarium we marvelled at many foreign fishes. Here we also found the crocodile from Maru Koala Park which was on holiday here. It will go back when its new home will be finished. To get a bit distance to the city we walked in the Fitzroy Gardens. There we visited Cooks Cottage. This is the house where the explorer James Cook was born. It was moved to Australia. It is a small English cottage and they show how the people lived back then and told about the voyages of the sailor. In the park we could everywhere read that we should not feed possums as they then multiply and damage the trees. In the evening we had again an appointment with Zoe and went into a Japanese restaurant. It reminded more at a beach bar than at a restaurant, but was very cosy. Despite the full stomach we decided to have a dessert in the Italian barrier. Brunetti had a big assortment of culinary delights which we immediately tested. We gladly accepted the suggestion of Zoe to drive us to the hotel at the airport.