From Philipp Island to Foster

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Today we slept a bit longer as we did not have big plans. On the Island we first visited a chocolate factory. A sample convinced us that you can also get good chocolate in Australia. After this sweet strengthening we continued to the Wonderland Animal Park. The animal park was a bit sloppy, so we decided also to visit the Maru Koala Park. I was here already last time and this is a small and fine animal park. It is lovely to observe the animals here. The interesting thing was that they have 3 albino kangaroos and one albino peacock. Then we drove to Foster. As we had time, we took the coast road and enjoyed the many view points. While driving Konrad saw another Echinda. As I take a picture of everything jumping in front of the lens, I had to do a 100m sprint to get to the animal. I was lucky it was still there. But my arrival scared it and it run into a trunk and curled up. In the late afternoon we arrived in Foster and went to our accommodation for the next two days.