author: Konrad Bucheli
date: 2016-08-14 19:30:00
tags: Millstream Chichester National Park, Karratha, Chichester Range
title: Millstream Chichester National Park

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Bypassing Port Hedland

by Konrad Bucheli

Wednesday 10th August, 2016

During breakfast two "piked helmet pigeons" (I just call them like that because they have a long pointy feather looking upwards on their head) are straying around our car. Jann looks at them interestingly. Then a third, smaller bird and attacks them. They do not really let themselves disturb, only after a while they hit back to the penetrant troublemaker.

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Eighty Mile Beach

by Konrad Bucheli

Tuesday 9th August, 2016

During the night my belly starts to rumble too. I join the club of the breakfast refusers and slurpers of the brown, sugary and desprankled sherbet. But there is a lightweight exception. Kiara is standing in front of me: "Mmhmmh" and holds up her bib. After stimulant activities like packing the tent and a few visits in the amenities block my belly feels much better and we are early ready to go.

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Sick in Broome

by Konrad Bucheli

Saturday - Monday 6th - 8th August, 2016

We arrive on late saturday morning in Broome and get the last free lot on a camping site a bit outside of Broome next to the Cable Beach. Our lot is slim and long, there does not fit much in. That is why it is still free. We are unsure, but then book for two nights.

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