Port Douglas

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July, 2019

Our journey continues northwards to Port Douglas.

On the evening before I tried to figure out if and how the empty seat beside Jann can be put down. I did not manage to do it, but Jann climbed in the morning from the rear trunk into his seat and managed to put it down halfway. Konrad did then the rest. With at full car we drove on.

On the way to Port Douglas there are many beaches. Our first stop was at Trinity Beach where we were nearly alone. Each of the kids was allowed to take a bucket, a shovel, a rake and mud pie forms. Now they were in full use. The children where in their element.

As we did not want to have a sandy lunch we continued until Kewarra Beach. Here we found picnic tables and a playground for the kids.

Then we drove on again. The road is mostly along the coast, so we often had a stunning view to the sea. At one point there was a beautiful view to a long beach. We then realised that this is Ellis Beach, our third planned stop. We sat below the trees and palms into the shadow. The kids again played in the sand and Konrad had his nap.

And again we continued driving. We shortly stopped at the Rex Lookout. The closer we got to Port Douglas, the more sugar cane fields we saw.

In Port Douglas checked into our apartment for the next two nights. Then we went shopping. We lost one of Larinas Crocs and she does not have any suitable sandals. Only in the third shop we found something. The nice lady had her shop just closed, but the door was still open and Jann entered. After our explanation she showed us some sandals. We tried them while Larina was protesting. Best fitting ones we then bought. Even though Larina was not that happy first she accepted them quickly. As we parked the car at the Rex Smeal Park and there is a playground, actually even two, we stayed there for the sunset. It sets behind the hills of the Daintree National Park with palms in the foreground. Palms like the climate of Port Douglas and they are also on the side of the streets. There are no traffic lights as the inhabitants decided against.

On Sunday morning we drove to Mossman Gorge. For the last part to the gorge itself we had to take a shuttle bus. We hiked the rain forest on a circular track. There were different possibilities to see the Mossman River. As the hiking options were limited, we were already finished at noon.

We drove back to Port Douglas and went up to the Flagstaff Hill Lookout to look down to the Four Mile Beach. Then down on the beach itself the girls played in the sand and Jann with the many coco nuts lying around. It was a nice Sunday afternoon.