The Botanic Garden and the Playground of Cairns

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 12th July, 2019

We stayed another day in Cairns before we continued our trip. In the morning we visited the Botanic Garden which is here rather large and spaceous.

Even if it is winter there are a few blooming flowers.

After lunch we went back to the accommodation to get the now hopefully dry clothes in as the weather forecast expected some rain in the afternoon. Our flat here is huge and has an own washing machine, but no dryer. It rained a few times lately. So the humidity is rather high and the clothes only dry slowly. But we got all dry in time.

In the afternoon we drove to Mudy's Playground. It is made up of three different playgrounds for three different age groups. There is also a water playground, but I kept the children off. The sky was covered and found it a bit cool to get wet when playing in the water.

During the time the kids and I were on the playground Konrad returned the car. After we collected the other one which is a bit bigger. Now we are travelling with a KIA Carneval. The girls sit in the second row and Jann alone in the third.