Goodbye Sydney

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 26th June, 2019

How fast passes the time, our three month in Sydney are now over again. We look back with a laughing and a crying eye. Last year the employer of Konrad decided to close the office in Sydney. Now as I finally got befriended with Sydney we have to depart forever. But we are glad we could come here again. Especially also because I planned and booked the trip following our Sydney stage rather early.

There were many nice moments which we experienced with the kids here. They enjoyed the visits to the play group.

We will not miss the public transport. Mainly not the busses. Basically there is a timetable, but it often does not work out due to the traffic and you need to wait longer. Once we sat in bus 333 and there was a 333 behind and in front of us. They should be six minutes apart. Punctual are the ferries and everything on rails.

Seven years ago Konrad and I were already in Sydney at the same season. In memory of the many rainy days I explained Jann and Kiara still at home that we will buy in Sydney rubber boots when required. Only shortly after arriving both of them met their dream rubber boots (they are here more fashionable than in Switzerland). Since then there are standing ready at home boots with Spiderman and Elsa and Anna. For Larina I brought some from Switzerland as I doubted that I will find some for her rather small feet. Two month we used them rarely, but during the last two weeks they were in use several times. Thanks to the other rain clothes I brought the kids where free to jump into the water puddles. By the way I learned that you can buy in Australia rain trousers only for bigger kids. If we would immigrate that would be a market niche. But do not be afraid, we have no plans to do so as we like it too much in Switzerland.

After three month we had to say goodbye from Sydney on Wednesday evening. We fetched some work stuff of Konrad from 119 Queen Street. That means to open for the last time the blue door in the brown board wall. It is not just a blue door, it is the blue door. Some of Konrad's workmates lament for the now gone Sydney office and would like to have it sent to Zurich as memorabilia. Only the door and the board wall are protected heritage. At least it does not hang as skewed as during our last stages.

Say goodbye a last time to Andi who will stay here for another two weeks and is responsible for the closing of the office. The kids loved how he was responsive to them. You could feel that he is dad of two grown up daughters. Also before Andi was here, we were welcome to have lunch in "Queen Street" as we used to say.

On the other side of Queen Street there are many small take away shops which is very practical. It is nice if I do not need to cook for every lunch. But despite the big choice at some point it still gets dull.

We also said goodbye to our landlord resp. landlady. For farewell Susi and Stephen showed us the small paradise they created in the yard of their house.

Often we go to vacation at places where we have friends. Jann said that we know Yin in Sydney and that is a reason to come back. We do not know, we cannot see the future. Now it is time to part from from Sydney. We take home nice experiences which will stay in our memory (except for Larina who is still to small).

Bye bye Sydney.