Narrabeen Lagoon

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 9th June, 2019

There is a 8.4 km loop track around the wonderful lagoon which is also known as Narrabeen Lake. As it is suitable for wheelchairs we let Jann and Kiara use the mini scooters and Larina could travel in the pram.

There are different possibilities to access the lake. We started at Berry Reserve and walked around it anticlockwise. At times the track is along the road, but it has also nice parts in the bush.

During our walk we could observe different Australian birds. For the lunch picnic we went a few hundred meters along a creek into a valley as we expected there less traffic noise. And so it was and while eating we saw three kookaburras. Two of them shortly sat on a tree next to our table. So cool, I love these elegant birds.

After lunch we walked further around the lake. The kids at times went with the mini scooters, at times not. At the beginning and towards the end we crossed a playground. For the kids it is important that we stop at each of them and play there.

Back at the care we took out the sand toys and crossed the narrow headland to the close-by beach facing the open Pacific. Jann and Kiara love to get the water from the sea and to play with it. And again we could observe how Larina walks towards the water but immediately retreats if the water is coming towards her.

The sun slowly set and so we wanted to get an icecream. We could not get one at the beach, so we walked back with irritated kids. We chose another way and ended up at a café which had an old tramway in front of it. There we found icecream.

But the best was the playground next which was superb. Inside there was a castle and beside swings and slides there were also trampolines in the ground. It was the most beautiful playground we have seen so far.

In Australia there are smaller and bigger playgrounds on many places. That is nice for the children. Here we realised that Larina does not need the baby swing any more. She is able to use the normal flat swing seat with only 21 month. Swinging is her favourite activity on a playground.