Vivid @ Taronga Zoo

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 6th June, 2019

The Vivid takes place at different location as already explained in the last entry. Today we visited the light sculptures in the zoo.

The children and I visited the zoo during the day. That time we actually could see the small Sumatra tigre cubs which were born at the beginning of the year.

Around 3 pm we went to the main entrance to buy tickets for Vivid@Taronga Zoo. I actually wanted to buy them online, but it did not work due to an technical error. But that was good for us. First because Konrads' workmate wanted to join too but had to cancel because of a short notice meeting. And second because the nice lady at the counter exemted Jann from buying a ticket.

After we made a short stroll through the zoo, then it closes at half past four. Then they bring the animals into their night quarter. So we waited outside for Konrad who came to the zoo directly after work by car.

At half past five the doors opened again and it started. First we went through a mystical forest with fireflys. After there was a predefined route to follow. There were many people, but it spread fast. I tried to get pictures of most of the gleaming animal sculptures. And ideally without other people. With a bit of patience it worked out.

We liked the many animal sculptures and it was a nice evening. Except for a wild, but still unhurried bush rat we did not see living animals.