Vivid around the Opera House

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 29th May and Monday, 3rd June, 2019

Vivid is the annual festival of light in Sydney. Already for the 11th time houses Sydney there artistic light installations. It grew since our last Vivid visit seven years ago.

Now there are eight different locations. The light is switched on at 18:00. We spend two evenings to see the installations around the opera house.

On the first evening we watched the live in the sea next to Sydney on the Custom House. It was a 10 minute long cartoon with subjects like diver, squid or whale.

After we went along the ferry harbour towards Harbour Bridge which was also gleaming in different colours. The Museum of Modern Art had flowers and butterflies projected. From the landing place of the cruise liners we could nicely see the opera house. It is use as screen for some colourful and dancing natural motifs.

We walked back trough the Rocks, then in a tunnel where where short concept studies and sequences of Pixar cartoons shown. To see it conveniently you could lie on the road. As the kids now got tired we went back to the bus stop to go home.

Last Monday we planed another Vivid trip. The weather forecast was rainy, but it should keep dry until 21:00. Indeed the sky cleared up in the afternoon and it only started to rain heavily just after we reached home again.

After a rich buckwheat crêpe we again went on tour. First we took the elevator up to the Cahill Walk. It is next to the road over the train station at the back of the ferry harbour. From here there is a nice view to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. After we went down again and walked to the Opera House, marvelling at some light installations on the way.

But the most beautiful ones were in the Botanic Gardens. Some of the installations were interactive. You could stand with your feet on a coloured disc and a big light flower got coloured. There were singing bowls which started to shine upon touching them or drums beaming different colours. One installation reacted on loud sounds. It did not react on the shrieks of Jann, only when he started to cry all lamps glowed for a short time. And at the bee house you could hear bees fly and smell bee wax. Not only the kids liked this part of the Vivid the most.

There are more places where we want to visit the Vivid. So you can be curious how it gleams in other places.