Shark Beach

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 26th May, 2019

A workmate of Konrad told us how nice Shark Beach is. Yesterday we made a bigger excursion and so a beach day is the right thing for today.

The kids love to play with sand and water. The beach is between Rose Bay and Watson Bay and there is a bus line going to Nielsen Park. From the bus stop it is a short stroll through the park to the beach.

So we found a small but beautiful beach which even had a shark net. Also today it was warm, but the wind was stronger than in the last few days. So the waves were bigger than expected, but it was still rather tame as the beach is not facing the open sea. Like this we could let Jann and Kiara go to the water by themselves. And also the distance to the water was rather short. Larina dared with the time to go closer to the water, but whenever a wave got too close she came back. Konrad could read his IT-journal and I watched the children and the many sailing boats taking advantage of the good wind.

After a bit more than an hour we wanted to walk along the coast to Rose Bay. We could see Shark Island and further in the back the landmarks of Sydney. The kids loved the stroll and also the views. At some point we ended up in the quarter and there we took the bus for the rest of the way. A look into the map on the mobile showed that the track along the sea would have continued, but we somehow missed it.

In Rose Bay there is also a beach, but it is not as nice, in contrast to the big playground nearby. Our three kids love it. As it gets dark early nowadays, we had soon to leave for going home.