Wendy's Secret Garden and Cahill Walk

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 19th May, 2019

After the excursion yesterday we did not want to go so far. With the bus we drove to the Circular Quay and took a ferry to Mosman Point. From there we passed Luna Park (an amusement park) had next to it our lunch.

After we walked along Lavender Bay until Wendy's Secret Garden. On the side of the path were regularly some small sculptures. I learned about Wendy's Secret Garden from a Facebook group about Australia. There is Wendy which, kind of as work of mourning after the passing of her husband, cleared the steep waste land with overgrown rubbish between her house and the railway line. She and her helpers created a small enchanted park. Jann loved to discover the many tracks on the different levels. And here and there we could spot the Harbour Bridge.

Next we went to the playground just next to the Harbour Bridge. Larina was sleeping on my back while the two big ones frolicked around. After she also got to romp, we continued on the Cahill Walk.

Maybe you already suspect what that means. I leads over the Harbour Bridge and so we walked from North to the other side back to Sydney. Beside the nice steel structure we could also have a view from high up over Port Jackson and the Sydney Cove.

We promised the kids an ice cream of Messina after we passed the bridge. Messina has the best ice cream in Sydney. Unfortunately this is not a secret anymore and thus there was a long queue in front of the shop. It was worth waiting and we enjoyed the fine ice cream on a bench nearby. Some when in the next few days or weeks the new tramway of Sydney should pass by there.