Palm Beach

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 18th May, 2019

Palm Beach is located on a peninsula and is a suburb of Sydney. Also on Saturday morning there was quite some traffic, so it took us a bit more than an hour for the 47 km drive.

It was nearly noon as we got there. First we looked for a nice place for a picnic. With full stomach we then went to the lighthouse. It went 400m steep up with nice view to the open sea. At the top we had a view to the sea and the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on the other side of the bay. The short track up to the Barrenjoy lighthouse was already part of it.

From the lighthouse there is a path on the cliffs. It was nicely in the middle, so Larina could also walk a few steps. But she had to sit again in the carrying backpack on the way back down to Palm Beach.

Back at the car we got the sand toys of the kids and then to the beach. Kiara and Jann enjoyed bringing water from the sea. Larina still does not like the waves an preferred to play a bit further away. Konrad watched the two big ones at the waterline and I cared for Larina. In the water I suddenly detected fishes of maybe half a meter size jumping into the air. Again and again we could see them. At the end Jann was fully wet an full of sand.

We had a nice day and it was with 26°C warmer than expected. Tired we got back home.