Change of Plan: Featherdale Wildlife Park

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 8th May, 2019

As we got up it was raining heavily. I explained the children that today they do not have to put on the sunblocker.

The sun came out just after I said this. So we got also today the daily fight with the sunblocker. So we decided to drive to some lookouts and, if there is time, visit the Botanical Garden.

After a short drive we got to the Hargraves Lookout. The children did not want to get out of the car. When I went out, there was a strong and cool wind. So we canceled all Blue Mountain activities.

But there is something else on the way home which is on our bucket list for excursions. So we stopped at the Featherdale Wildlife Park. We know it from last time and we liked it then. And there you can feed kangaroos.

We got there shortly after noon and the three kids sung like a choir that they are hungry. After lunch we wanted to see Bilbies eating, but they did not come out unfortunately. The park has mostly animals from Australia. Like this the kids could see the local animals from close up. Sometimes it was difficult to get Larina away from a compound.

You can buy there fodder for wallabies and kangaroos. But only in the last compound we found some kangaroos still hungry. If an animal got too close to the cup of Jann, he did not like it any more and he pulled out. Kiara managed by herself. Larina started to cry if a kangaroo got too close, but they are also taller than she. But she liked them with a given safety distance. It was still a bit windy, but the temperature was fine.

We enjoyed a lovely trip into the Blue Mountains and are looking forward to more adventures which we are going to tell you too.