Grand Canyon Walk in the Blue Mountains

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 7th May, 2019

During each stage in Australia we went to the Blue Mountains. Here we experienced beautiful hikes and enjoyed the landscape. The last time we stopped at Blackheat for a lookout and concluded that we could stay here longer.

So it was clear that we would now like to discover the region of Blackheat when we go to the Blue Mountains. This time Konrad was checking out the hikes. He liked to do the Grand Canyon Walk. But the difficulty was rated differently on different websites, so it was questionable if we should do that with kids. But the official site for New South Wales National Parks listed it as medium, so we dared.

From the parking we went to Evans Lookout. Here we could see the many gum trees and the near endless forest. The gum tree emits an essence which causes a blueish mist over the valley. And that gave the name to the mountain range.

After the lookout a zigzag trail led over stairs down to the valley. Kiara stated already at the beginning that she does not like to hike. Her mood was rather erratic and there were parts which she enjoyed. Larina did not like to be carried on the carrying backpack. She was weeping loudly. Finally I carried her what made her calm down. Then also she liked it. And in some sections we let her also walk, mainly down in the valley and at the end.

Down in the valley there is a mystical ambience. We crossed some puddles and creeks for which there were usually some big stone blocks prepared. From time to time we passed small waterfalls.

After a recuperative lunch the trail went up again. Kiara needed a lot of motivation as her small legs got tired. At the end we managed all the 6.4 km. As it was autumn the temperatures where rather pleasing to walk. Close to the path there were a few last blooming bushes and some mushrooms. Overwhelmed of the beauty of nature we drove to Govetts Lookout. As Kiara fell asleep on the way, I went first to explore it.

We had been here already two and a half year ago and also this time I followed the path to the waterfall, just to discover that the view is not better there. But it was worth it as I met a female lyrebird and on the way back I saw some crimson rosellas flying around. Konrad went with Larina to see them. Jann first did not want, but then followed them running after I showed him the rosellas on the camera. Kiara got awake again, but did not want to leave the car anymore.

Back at home the two big kids got out the toys and games and where absorbed thereof.