Taronga Zoo

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 1st May, 2019

Also here in Woollahra Konrad has the same public holidays as in Switzerland. So we could do an excursion as family ot the Taronga Zoo.

I visited it already two weeks ago with the kids, but then we could not see all animals. Currently the big attraction are two tiger babies. But we could only see them from far as they were kept hidden.

Before lunch we went to see the bird show. They let fly eagles, owls, cockatoos and a condor. On the way back we made a detour to the elephants. We could see how a keeper sprayed them with a water hose and how the elephants played with the water.

After lunch we went to see the seal show. Jann, Kiara and I were sitting in the first row and Konrad with the sleeping Larina in the pram in the last one. Interestingly the show was different than two weeks ago.

Slowly it got late afternoon and shortly before the zoo closed at 16:30 we left and went to the ferry stage. We went back to CBD with the ferry.

On the way I remembered that I read something about a light show on the opera house. Fortunately I did some research and so we went directly to the opera house. Just after sunset they projected onto part of the roof Badu Gili, an aboriginal water story. It was definitely worth to do this detour.