Journey to Australia

by Petra Bucheli

Monday/Tuesday 1st/2nd April, 2019

Our trip started already on Friday noon. Jann went a last time to kindergarten and had a tearful farewell of his mates. After a fine lunch with Konrad's parents we left St. Urban and went to Lake Constance. My mom celebrated on Sunday a big birthday and so we could say good bye to my part of the family.

On Monday morning we had to get up early. My parents drove us to the airport. We calculated with sufficient time and this was good. Shortly before the airport the traffic started to jam. We went with a small bus and so we had to find a suitable parking lot. The bus parking was not properly signed due to a construction site, so we drove three times around the airport until we found the proper way. At the check-in we were alreay expected by Thomas, the brother of Konrad, and the little Leandra.

Actually Petra wanted to do an online check-in the evening before, but there was an issue with the booking of Jann. On the counter the lady told as that he does not have a visa! Precautionary Konrad had a printout with the visum confirmation. The lady quickly realized that a digit was missing on the passport number. So she said that she will call Australia, but in the worst case we need to get a new visa. «We cannot do that so fast» I replied. «You get here a three month visa immediately» she explained. As we need one for six month, we would have to prolong it in Sydney. Luckily the Aussies were accommodating and added the missing digit. The mistake survived me entering the passport number and the cross check by Konrad and the visa office. Because whe had to attach a notarized copy of the passport when handing in the application.

Happy that this has been resolved so fast and without big fuss we went on and enjoyed a croissant. And then we had to say good bye. At the gate we could directly enter. The plane was not full. I had a seat with a bassinet, so we could not have a full row of four for us. But Konrad and Jann were sitting directly behind me, Larina and Kiara. But we had free seats on both rows, so the kids could change the seats from time to time.

The flight was quite long with 12 h 40 m. The kids were persevering and did sleep only little. Larina did not like at all when she was fixed with he loop belt at my saftey belt. She was loudly protesting and could nearly not be calmed down. Luckily we just had to do that once despite of starting and landing. After start the flight attendant checked the prebooked meals. My gluten free menue and the two children menues where on the list, but nothing for Larina. She then to find something eatable for Larina and to order something for the next flight to Sydney. I changed that online before. But on the tablet of the flight attendant was no Larina listed. Anyway, from the ordered menue the children did not eat a lot. They liked more the emergency ration I brouht along. Shortly before landing Larina and Kiara fell asleep.

With Larina on my back and Konrad carring Kiara we had to change flights. The time according to the plan was 1 h 15 m, but not in reality. We walked directly into the next plane and were the last missing passengers. The change made the kids awake again, but Jann already slept at the takeoff and Kiara followed soon. Larina stayed awake and was interested in the baby next to us or walked around in the plane. At some point she got tired too and I could also sleep a bit. Konrad slept like the two big ones during most of the flight. Also Larina's protests were much less when she was bound. After 7 h 10 m we landed in Sydney. After the immigration we picked up our luggage. We waited for the last suitcase when the name of Konrad was announced. At some point we found the information counter where we were told that the missing piece will reach Sydney tomorrow.

We quickly found a taxi and drove to the house which is rent by Konrad's company for us. In front of it a workmate was already waiting with the keys. He said we already know the house. Well, only from visits as we stayed at a different one last time.

In the next entry I tell about kids with jetlag and how we accomodate.