Yanchep National Park

by Konrad Bucheli

Friday evening 26nd August until Saturday morning 27th August, 2016

The town Yanchep is one huge construction site. One development site lays next to the other. Is there a new highway up from Perth? Is Yanchep now in commuting distance from Perth? Or only for the weekend between sea and nature?

We are more interested in the later and we already booked a motel room directly in the Yanchep National Park. Petra has already been here and knows that there are koalas here and that in the evening the kangaroos are coming out. Already when on the pay station at the entrance one passed by. We promised Jann an icecream and would like to get one here. I for myself wanted to book at guided tour to the caves. Between Yanchep Inn and the kiosk and visitor centre is the koala enclosure. So we are staring up the tree to these cute animals. One of them is even eating and not sleeping! At quarter past four it is game over here. No tour booking, no icecream, nothing. Jann is very disappointed and is crying. It takes ten minutes, the promise of gummy bears and two kangaroos until he calms down. We continue with a small hike around a small like. Most infrastructure of the park is located next to it. It is wet and we are in a forest. Quite a contrast to the hikes we made so far. Also here we see kangaroos. Two nearly frightened me: I turn and then there are two times two eyes looking at me in two meters distance. At the end we are again next to our accomodation. Here are indeed the promised grazing kangaroos. With gummy bears, strawberries and fruits we are watching them until it starts to rain. All the water must come from somewhere.

On Saturday morning we are unsure. Will the weather keep dry or does it start raining again? We visit again the Koalas, then the rain starts again. So we decide to leave and to go to Perth. At the exit of the parking are two kangaroos hiding from the rain below a palm tree.