by Konrad Bucheli

Friday 26nd August, 2016, until early afternoon

From Dongara we drive along the coast southwards until Yanchep. Here at the Turquoise Coast between Geraldton and Perth small National Parks and Nature Reserves line up like pearls on a string. Probably the costal area is just not that suitable for agriculture. Anyway we are driving again through the bush.

I like that we did a detour to the inland yesterday. We were in the Mid West north of the so called Wheat Belt around Perth. Still it represented the importance of agriculture much more than on the coast.

We stop at two lookouts to enjoy the countryside and the sea. Petra still finds the one or other flower she did not meet yet. Of course we stop also in the Nambung National Park to visit the Pinnacle Desert. It is a small area with yellow sand where pinnacles of limestone are holding their general assembly. A strange view. From the visitor centre you can walk up to the pinnacles. At the top there is a marked walkabout through the rocks. I dare to say that Kiara walked more than most guests here as there is also a road going through the area. That is surely more convenient. Jann is the opposite. He can and must walk everything today, but would like not to.

A bit more south we join another general assembly. OK, here you could also call it a forest: grass trees. We know these strange plants with a low trunk and the bushy blade head from our last stay in Australia. So far we only met one of them, but here the climate seams to get more suitable for them.