Windy Carnarvon

by Konrad Bucheli

Wednesday 17th August - Thursday noon 18th August, 2016

On Wednesday morning we leave Corel Bay in direction south. We pass the Tropic of Capricorn and thus leave the tropic. So far we always had sunshine, but now we pass two or three rain showers.

At noon we are at the blowholes nearby Quobba. The wind is strong and thus the sea goes high too. We are now in the middle between high and low tide, still the blowhole is active. The wild sea splashes already high, so the even higher splashes of the blowhole do not stand out that much. But if we go closer we see what actually happens. There are a few holes in the rock and similar to a geyser the water flushes out suddenly. The main hole is quite big and it is foaming strongly. And if the waves build up high pressure in the caves below the hole, it blows the water with high speed up in the air like a waterspout fountain. Jann is uneasy to stand so close, about ten meters, beside it.

Around 2 o'clock we reach Carnarvon. The little rain made us a bit unsure and we check the weather forecast in the tourist information. Today there is 30% chance for rain, then it will get better. Outside it looks nice and we already passed the rain. So we go camping. We park the car in our site and eat a snack. Then it gets dark and the rain starts. Oh no, it is not funny to prepare the tent in the rain. So we go shopping. Then the weather is better again, so we want to go to the playground. Just as we arrived the rain started again. Back at the camping we asked for an upgrade to a cabin, but they were already booked out. So we drive back to our site and wait for Kiara to wake up as she was fallen asleep in the meantime. By chance this camping has a small TV room which we now occupy. Petra checks in the Internet a more detailed weather forecast. The rain should be gone at 8 o'clock. We hope at least. We have no desire to cook and look for a restaurant in the town. There is not much to choose from. We were even five minutes too early: ours is just open from 6pm to 8:30pm. OK, in the attached bar they also offer something to eat. After tasty beef filet and lamb shanks we go back to the camping. The rain stopped and the road is nearly dry again. Rapidly I prepare the tent. We were lucky for once, so we resolve to check the weather forecast a bit closer in the future.

With sunshine like on Thursday morning we enjoy Carnarvon more. We drive to the One Mile Jetty. It was build at end of the 18th century to bring wool and livestock out to the deeper sea to load it to the ships. A small train is running out, it passes a mangrove swamp, sand dunes and finally goes into the ocean. On the way back we walk. The town is also known for its fruit plantations. We buy some fresh fruits and strawberries. The chocolate covered bananas and strawberries we eat outside of the shop on a small terrace. And then the boss brings us a bag with mandarins with faulty peel. We are very pleased and eat one of them. Petra does not like mandarins at all, so there are only three eaters left. One of them takes a cut, puts it into the mouth and takes it out again. And the smallest cannot yet bite properly the skin of the cut and should not get the kernels into the mouth. So I bite into the skin on the inside of the cut including the kernels and pass the rest to Kiara. That is a very juicy story, but after the cuts are nearly or completely filleted. And now Jann wants to eat them too.

When we are again on the highway, we are again in the lonely Australia. OK, not that lonely anymore. From time to time there is a turnoff to a dirt road with about five guideposts. But the spring explodes, respectively the flowers. First there is all below the bush covered with purple flowers. Then there are vast areas with a bit bigger yellow flowers. But I like most the mélage: spots with purple flowers change with yellow flowers, green grass and red naked soil.