Westwards to the third

by Konrad Bucheli

Sunday 14th August, 2016

Petra wants to go west again. The next destination we are heading to is Coral Bay. There are 650 km waiting for us. I guess at some point we will fall off the edge.

After two days of dirt road we feel like speeders if we drive with 80 or 90 km/h (110 is the limit). Again we pass Mount Bruce. The small, second tallest mountain of Western Australia looks even smaller with the much wider iron ore mine in the background. On the way we see blooming "pillows" of light and dark purple.

We stop in Tom Price and refill fuel and food. We admire a huge mining tipper truck, build in 1980, which is displayed next to the road. Then we use again a dirt road, probably the last for some time. We drive on the Nameless Valley Drive, passing Mount Nameless. Then we pass again a giant iron ore mine. Jann admires how the tippers are emtpying their material. Then follows the real nameless, then there are no name signs anymore.

Towards noon Kiara gets again unruly, but with a foot and toe massage from daddy she relaxes for the 50 kilometres to the next rest stop. On the road again Petra suddenly stops. A saurian with the length of one meter runs over the road. On the side it raises its long neck and looks who is disturbing, then it disapears in its hole.

At three in the afternoon we stop at the Nanutarra Road House. We stay here. We dine in the attached restaurant. Kiara hits the table with the fork. She should not do that, so we take the fork away. Now she continues to hit the table with her drinking bottle. But also that can be taken away. But Kiara would not be Kiara if she would give up because of such spoilsports. She how hits the table with her head.