Nitmiluk National Park

by Konrad Bucheli

Saturday 30th July, 2016

We finally drive southwards. Our target is Nitmiluk Natioal Park. We have late lunch at Edith Falls, a small waterfall with a nice small lake to swimming in front of it. We skip the swimming as we would like to go to the Nitmiluk Gorges.

There is a camping site where Katherine River leaves the gorge. From there we hike up to a outlook at the lower end of the gorge. For the moment we skip the multi-day hikes more deep into the gorge system. At the beginning of the hike we walk into a bickering. A few trees are well equipped with big bats and some of them seam to have some kind of issue. Jann copes well, but we need to brake him when it gets steeper as he at times gets too enthusiastic. Kiara does not like the hut which is mandatory for sun protection. For Jann this is no problem. Even at home he want to wear always something on the head, even if there is no need.

Kiara started now to climb onto the camping chairs. Only getting down again is more difficult. We started to discuss this problem, but then Jann went immediately into action and teared the poor girl down. Please a bit more gentle, son! But then he was the most alert of all of us: "a deer!" Indeed, there is a Wallaby lying relaxed between the tents. Until it got night we could observe a few of them straying or jumping around.