The old town of Wuzhen

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 24th June, 2012

Together with the family of Caren we drove to the water town Wuzhen. The town was founded more than 1300 years ago. It is located beside the Grand Canal which starts in Beijing. Parts of the historic center were renewed in traditional style and are now a tourist attraction. We were also a bit a tourist attraction as there are only very few western here.

To get to our rooms we used a wooden ferry to get to the other shore. There we were in another time. Konrad and I explored this small Venice on our own and learnt a lot about life in China. We walked on the left side along the water way until the canal and to the pagoda. Back we went on the other side. Many small alleys lead to interesting places like temples, memorials and workshops where old crafts were showed and explained. And there are also Chinese version of gondoliers. After a dinner together we strolled together through the alleys back to the hotel.