Arrival in Hong Kong

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 20th June, 2012

At the end of our stay in Australia Konrad was pat down to check for liquids! Good luck he did not have a flask. With frosty temperatures we entered the plane after 9 hours we reached Hong Kong. The airport of Hong Kong is very big and we had to walk much. At the end of a escalator was a thermal camera and if spots a body which is too warm, they will take the temperature with the fever thermometer.

After a long queue at the immigration we got our passport stamped and are now allowed to stay for 90 days in Hong Kong. With the train we went from the island with the airport to Hong Kong Island. We found our hotel fast then it is directly in the center. As I opened the door of our room I realized why the hotel is called Mini Hotel. Not the hotel is small, but the rooms. But it is perfectly and very functionally equipped. In the early evening we wanted to go to the Peak. We were not the only ones who wanted to go with the “tramway” to the top. A funicular goes step up and the upper station is at 400 m altitude. There is a huge tourist trap with many shops. As we entered the funicular we could already see a black cloud and when we were on the top it was already covered. Wafts of mist passed and it felt subtropical. The bad weather limited the sight, but we could still see the lights of the skyscrapers. On the way back we experienced how the people entered the funicular in near panic to get a seat. We were polite and did not push, but were also the only one doing so.