Litchfield National Park, second day

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 15th June, 2012

Our journey went back to the Wangi Falls. Here we hiked around the waterfall and enjoyed the view. But for a refreshing bath it was still too early for us and thus we decided to continue. Tolmer Falls we watched from above from a viewing platform as they were very high. Then we went to the Tabletop Swamp. Here a short hike lead to a small pond with trees in the water. We did not go too close as there could be crocodiles. At Florence Falls we put on the swimming suits and packed a pick-nick. We first hiked along a creek to the waterfall basin. We enjoyed a refreshing bath and I tried to swim to one of the two falls, but the drift was too strong and I did not reach it. After we had a nice pick-nick and let us dry by the sun.

Our last stop was at the termite mounds. On a field there are many mounds build like a slim wall in north-south direction. Thus they get in the morning and in the evening the full power of the sun, but not during noon when it is the hottest. On the other side of the carpark were other termite mounds of the more common round type. One was much taller than Konrad. With this experiences we drove to a camping and found there a place for the night. Today we saw from time to time some wallabies, but they always jumped away before I got a picture. In the evening we saw a few grazing in the pasture just next to the camping.