Half time

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 12th April, 2012

Yesterday evening I arrived very late in Sydney and Konrad picked me up. After sleeping in I went to explore the flat. The next 7 weeks we will life in a 4 1/2 room flat in Daling Point. From the big terrace I see down to the water and I spent the morning there reading. In between I had to go to the washing machine as I run out of clean clothes. I is a strange feeling that I will have now a regular daily timetable as I was on the road for 11 weeks and lived out of the backpack. Exactly 11 weeks ago Konrad and I entered the plane. I could experience four different regions of Australia. During that time I met many interesting people and could spend more or less time with them.

I am glad that Konrad did not not hinder my way and let me travel alone. The short time with him I enjoyed even more as normal. After the short travelling time together I passed three weeks alone in Tasmania. Here I saw a lot of nature and hiked in a few National Parks.

With a landscape shock started my time in Western Australia. In Tasmania everything was so green and now everything was so dry and brown. After this experience I was happy that I got visited by Konrad and we could go to the sea.

When he flew back to Sydney I knew that Sandra should arrive soon in Perth. We only knew us from a dinner together, but we had known already then that we should have a good time together. Some of our interests were similar and so at the west coast we learnt to know each other better and better. It is a pity that the time flew so fast.

Back in Perth I met again my brother which travelled for a few weeks Australia after his work stage in New Zealand. Together we spend the last few days in south-western Australia. Even when our interests were not always the same, we had a brilliant time. I am already looking forward to see him again in two weeks in Sydney for a few days.

Starting next Monday I will go to school in Bondi Junction to learn a bit English. Surely there are interesting encounters waiting, but for you, dear reader, it would get boring when I would write always from the school. I will keep you up-to-date and make a blog entry when I had an interesting experience.