Wave Rock and the Humps

by Petra Bucheli

Easter Monday 9th April, 2012

This morning our way led to the 300 souls village Hyden. I made a short visit at the Peoples Scape Sculptures which are metal sculptures showing people by some kind of activity. Then we drove to the Wave Rock, a 110 m long and 14 m high rock wave. The weather eroded the wave out of the rock. Nice to watch it, but not spectacular. Then we walked the Hyden Rock Walk to see other rock formations. On the hike we saw from time to time Rock Dwelling Dragons (a kind of small lizards) rush away. Then I saw sandalwood which is cultivated here in the region. We got to Hippo's Yawn as I read the plan wrongly. The rock really looked like a hippopotamus with open mouth. After this short hike we drove to the Humps, a nearby rock hill. Here we visited Mulka's Cave, a cave with rock paintings and hand prints from Aboriginals. Then we made two short hikes. The Kalari Trail went at the top of he Humps and beside some more rocks we had a amazing look over the wide Australian country. Again and again I am fascinated by the width of Australia. Back at the bottom we decided to walk also the Gnamma Trail. It lead through the bush and then back to the carpark. It was not as beautiful as the first hike. Then we drove to Hyden and then to Kulin. A bit out of Kulin we saw a few horses made by scrap metal. Here it is a kind of contest between the farmers who creates the most original horse. After a short break in Kulin where we saw an Oldtimer museum from the outside we continued to Wickepin. A bit outside we saw a sign to the camping of Yealering. We decided to go there and, as yesterday, had to pay in the hotel.