A rainy Sunday in Perth

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 1st April, 2012

The hostels are very full as there should be about 20'000 backpackers coming from the east coast to the west coast. When we had booked Sandra had not known if she would not like to travel a bit southwards. So I then just had booked for Dominik and me and so we had to change again rooms. Sandra met a former workmate as we lodged our luggage in the storage room. As soon as we left the hostel it started raining. After breakfast it got better and we went up the hill to Kings Park. We walked in the park and I saw black and red cockatoos. Then we went to the DNA Tower and climbed it to enjoy the view. The afternoon we were again riding bus and then we could get to our room. In the evening we walked through Northbridge and found a cinema screen with many cushions to watch the film. We watched the animation film Planet 51. As a few drops of rain fell from the sky we took our cushion and moved below a big umbrella. After the film we went to eat at Outback Jacks and enjoyed the last evening together with Sandra.