The animals of Yanchep National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 27th March, 2012

In the morning at 8am Sandra wanted to exchange a book at the camping reception, but it was still closed. We thought they maybe have changed to winter time here in Western Australia without us knowing it. We knew from former Australia visits that the time changes can be different in each federal state. I asked at a petrol station and learnt that Western Australia does not change the time. Relieved we drove to Beekeepers Nature Reserve to see the salt lake. The salt shimmers in the light like snow. Left and right of the road is a huge area of salt. Then we drove with a few stops to Yanchep National Park. On the way we saw a grass tree with eight seed sticks. That we have not seen so far. At Yanchep National Park we first booked a guided tour to the flowstone cave. On the way to the cave I observed two Kookaburras in the tree. After watching them for a while we went into the flowstone cave. I was interesting to hear how they develop. We could touch a broken down peace of the rock. It looks like ice, gleams in the light, but feels like stone. After the tour we went to the Koala colony. We saw a few of them sleeping. In the same trees there were many, many black and white cockatoos. They made a huge noise and were flying around all the time. As it was already after 3pm we wanted also to see the kangaroos. Here in the park there should live some Western Grey Kangaroos. As we did not met any on our walk I wanted to go back to the Koalas. This was a good decision then one of them walked down the tree to get to the fodder. We watch it very long and had then do decide what we want to do now as we still did not see any kangaroos. I called the camping of Midland and reserved a place as we wanted to drive there today anyway. Immediately after the kangaroos passed jumping. We were fascinated by these animals which did not let themselves disturb by humans. Then we drove to Midland to pass our last night in the camper. In the camping we did not find immediately our place as we did not see any numbers. A kind man explained that they stand on the side of the road and we realized that his car is standing at our place. We put our camper so that his car fitted beside it. In the evening we started to put our stuff together.